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    • You and I know that this is a similar comment/question to the one I asked and to which you replied.  I hope that adding another question will help someone with information find the questions and respond.  My issue is that my X-T4 "freezes" when turned on ever since I updated to v1.02 firmware.  The LCD is live but everything else is frozen and unresponsive.  After about 10 seconds the EVF and the buttons resume normal function.  I have used X-T1, X-T2, X-T3 and never had a problem updating firmw
    • Any update on this problem?
    • Take it. You won't regret. I have 10-24, 18-55, 55-200, 16-55. And 16-55 is the best of the best. If I should choose just two lenses now it would be 16-55 and 27mm.
    • Hi everyone, Just got a new XF8-16 and i'm interested in this lens, it's really sharp. An only problem i faced is that there was something moving inside the lens when i lift it up side down, i'm not sure if it's normal but i got a little bit nervous about that because of an optical device. When i mount the lens into the camera and turn it on, i still see the problem but it's reduced a lot. Similar to my XF56 1.2. So if anyone faces the same problem, please tell me so that i can make su
    • At one time there was something called "Kai-zen" I believe.  Where Fuji would update some of the older cameras with characteristics of the new.  But unfortunately for XT-3, Fuji has given up on photography and gone into the videography world.  You see their developers are too busy writing new firmware for video and webcam operation.  The rumored "Kai-zen" for the XT-3 has gone by the wayside.  It's the videography that counts,  Photographers are now second class and no longer count. At leas
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