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I own th XT-1.

After searched for opinions and "way of mind" all over - I want to advice with the FUJI'S.

I am A photography is A hobby for me.

I like taking shots at streets - people And , situations happen at street , interesting buildings , abandoned buildings.

At the moment I using the XF-18-55.

So thinking of buying A wide-angle short lenses

And want to advice with you which is the best suits me.
35? 23? ..... or any other else?

If possible - offering option A and B.

Thank you very much! 

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Lens usage is very subjective. So every photographer has his own favourite lens. My personel favourite is the 23 mm f/1.4.

23 mm give the same angle of view as 35 mm on full frame which is considered one of the best for documentary photography next to 50 mm VF, 33/35 mm APS-C. The f/1.4 gives additional low light capability that the 18-55 does not have. So depending if you like to go close to the people or if you prefer some distance the 35 mm f/1.4 might be a good choice as well. However, the 35 mm gives a slower AF on the T1. I do prefer the 23 mm because in rooms the larger angle of view makes it a litte bit easier for me.

In case you expect a lot of rain or dust the f/2.0 versions may be good alternitives. They provide weather resistance at the cost of one step low light capability.

The 16 mm f/1.4 brings the same low light capability as the 23/1.4 and the 35/1.4 but also extends the angle of view compared to the 18-55 and additionally has a shorter focus distance and weather resistance. So it brings four new features that the 18-55 does not have. However, many think that 16 mm is a little bit wide for street photography. But again, it is all subjective and depend on your style of photography.  


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Go back through your photos and see what focal length you are using most, this will give you a good idea of what you are taking.

There must be a good reason you are asking this question, do you want a wider or narrower field of view?

Personally I use the 23mm and 56mm lenses.

Like Jürgen has said, it's all subjective.

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Sorry for the delay with my respond...my leg was broken And I had A surgery

First of all:
f/1.4  versions are out of budget so it would be better to talk only about the f/2.

@Jürgen Heger
This is the respond of the century 🙂
"closer vs distance"...Well, I dont see myself shooting 2-3 meters from the person I want to take a photo of.
I will still keep A 20 (approx) meters off the person...maybe at the future I will have the courage to get closer.

Weather resistance: I dont know. Winter here is just 3-3.5 months .... rest of year sunny.
During summer could be dust...not that much.
So maybe in that case f/2.0 at the end would be A better alternative.

Difference between f/2.0 to f/2.8 could be very noticeable?

The The 16 mm f/1.4  is WAY OVER the budget.

How can I see the focal length?
I cant see that detail on the picture info in camera roll
Regarding wider VS narrower - I photographing from distance of 20 (approx) meters...so it "more of" narrower, right?

Thanks for both of you!
@Jürgen Heger 🤩

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