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X-T10 Parts or schematic source, quality issues?

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Hi All,

I have an X-T10 that stopped dead last week seemingly out of the blue.  Went through all the basics...  battery charged, repeatedly trying off/on, connecting to Laptop via USB, W/wo lens, w/wo SD card...  no sign of life whatsoever.  Upon careful examination, I could hear something loose inside.  Removed the battery, SD card, and lens and capped it, and proceeded to disassemble it following a youtube video I found of somebody fixing a broken playback button.  Anyhow, with the bottom and back off, out rolls a maybe 7mm long silver screw.  I am an electrical engineer and tinkerer by trade, so I began tracing power and noted that the fuse on the main board was blown open, my guess being that screw crossed power supply components on the main board to blow it.  Still working through disassembling further to try to figure out where the loose screw belongs.  Jumpered out the fuse and see power rails come up on the main board, though not sure yet if there is other damage.  Anyhow, long background to a few questions:

  1. Have many others seen similar sudden deaths with their  X-series cameras?  I invested in a few lenses and hoped the body would go more than a few years without serious heartache.
  2. Does anyone know of a source for an electrical schematic, service manual,  or parts list for the X-T10.
  3. Does anyone know of a source for parts for out of warranty FujiFilm Cameras, other than looking for a broken donor body on Ebay?  I see some parts (circuit boards, components, etc) online shipping from China, but not sure of their original source or for the money if I'd trust them.

Addition 3 days later:  The loose screw was from up in the top securing the eyelet that the strap attaches to on the shutter side.  It must have shorted some components and done some damage while loose because even with the fuse replaced , the camera is not right.  Powers on with a blank screen, and after pushing buttons it seemingly randomly will come to a screen as if taking a picture, but solid white (even with lens cap on).  Can get into menus and change them, and can playback shots on the SD card, but cannot take a pciture or see anything but white.  Tried re-writing the firmware to it as a last ditch effort, with no improvement.  Thinking it's toast at a level beyond my repair capabilities at this point.   Sad to think that for a drop or two of thread lock on that screw at the factory, this failure could have been avoided.  

Final notes:  Found 2 other fuses  on the back side of the main board, and one was  also blown.  Replaced it (as well as the main one on the top side) and my camera is alive again!!


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Well done, compliments. And now Loctite 222 🙂

There were a few cases of loose screws near the stative thread at the bottom and elsewhere. I fixed mine and wrote to Fuji about it back then. 

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Oh, pretty happy to have stumbled on your post. Thanks for posting.

My issue was that as soon as the camera lens attaches, the screen (also EVF) was blinking, switching on and off, after roughly 20s LCD displays "Lens Error". None of the simple and usual fixes did not help, like cleaning contacts, or rewriting the firmware.

When started dissassembling the camera, one long screw fell out. I think it was exactly the same like yours. The one holding an metal piece for a strap next to a shutter button. It must have shorted something too.

Now I need to somehow find what exactly got shorted :)

I opened up and took out the main board. Nothing for my untrained eye looks damaged. But one of the fuses on the back size (Fuse has printed O symbol on it) has high resistance. Not like others which show resistance close to tester leads / cables. Does that mean that this fuse is blown?
And where can I order those fuses or atleast what they are called and what are their values?

Thanks :)

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