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I recently (last week) got a X-T30 as an upgrade fro my X-T20 that I have had for a couple of years.  I do vacation photography and grandkids sports (soccer, football, baseball, dodgeball,abasketbal, swimming...) I was shooting soccer game in overcast weather, which i have done before, and was using SS 1/1000 or higher and ISO of 3200-6400 (a few as high as 10,000). AS I said I have been doing this a while with the 20.  As Was going over the images from the 30 I was struck with more noticeable noise In both cameras I was using either 90 f/2 or 55-200 shoring jpg, Velvia of Classic Chrome NR-2, DR100, Sharpening +2.  I do enjoy the better AF but am a bit putoff by what I consider an inferior IQ vs the 20 ... Thoughts... 

In a few weeks I will one traveling to Europe for a river cruise etc and know the aside from many wonder outdoor scenes I will be in many castles and cathedrals and will be bringing the 10-24 -- Question is with the dim lighting and not having a tripod therefore use SS of 1/60 or better (maybe lower...) would I be better off asking my grandson for my T20 back... 

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Now there is - sorry, my fault!

13 hours ago, darkprints said:

There is no X-T30 forum.


2 hours ago, Greybeard said:

There is no X-T30 forum


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