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Best settings for video

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Hi all, I’ve just recently got an x-T3 mainly for video. I’ve watched countless video tutorials on various video set up. I’m struggling on what’s best so I have full control over iso, ss I only want to shoot 1080p not 4K. Any other videographers out there that can help me understand help with the video set up?


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Guess countless tutorials weren't enough 😜 There's no "best setting" since every situation will require changing them as well as your own style. Getting it right will require loads of trial and error, but as a base I would say:

-If your hardware can handle it, always shoot 4K even if you're exporting in 1080. It will have noticeable better quality.

-Understand and use manual settings, ISO as low as possible, shutter speed always double your frame rate (i.e. shooting 24fps, 1/50), and aperture depending on what you're looking for.

-If you've got no experience color grading, best forget about F-LOG (even when the dynamic range wil be better) and go for any film simulation (Eterna works great).

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