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in your experience it is better autofocus of the xt-1 over x-e2? and what about the xt-1 against canon 5DMarkIII?

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Hi people!


In your experience it is better autofocus of the xt-1 over x-e2?  and what about the xt-1 against canon 5DMarkIII?


I'm impressed with the optical quality but I Had no good experience with my x-e2 with a 52 1.2 lens autofocus performance.


I'm thinking using my x-e2 in weddings like a back up camera. Im using canon's DLSR, but the fuji autofocus system worry me.


I'm impressed with the weddings examples that I found here, and I would like to try with fuji systems

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Between the X-T1 and X-E2, I would say the X-T1 has a slight edge.


Between the 5D3 and X-T1, I would say the 5D3 has a slight edge with some of the EF "L" lenses you attach to the body.


To your question of the X-E2 as back up camera, I think it's very good as a back up.


Which 52 F1.2 lens did you use with your X-E2?

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Thanks for your opinion!


I think fuji has very good quality but I worry a little the autofocus system 


And I have to correct, /uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png">  The lens that  I used was the 56mm 1.2 R and I have excellent images with this lens,  but in a event I lost some pictures because the autofocus wasn't enough fast, I had to use manual focus and the pictures than I took were excellent!

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It seems the common understanding is that high end DSLRs have a faster AF than the Fuji X-T1. However, this seems not to be longer true, when the DSLR is in live view mode.



I found this when I was looking for a review of the Nikon D750 which has even a tiltable screen. But when you shoot holding the camera ever your head and looking at the tilted screen then you will get a much slower AF than with the X-T1. The D5 III does not even have a tiltable screen.


Of course, this is a very special use case and may not be relevant for you.


I think, at the moment what ever we choose is a compromise in one or the other way.

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The X-T1 is a slower AF camera, it really can't not compete against the likes of the 5D Mk3 or any of the Nikon Dx.

Heck, it even lags behind the Sony A6000 (great performer on AF btw). But that was mostly before the FW 4.0 update.


Now, we are still slower but it's no longer so indecent. For comparison, my Nikon 1 AW1 with the 18.5mm F1.8 (50mm equiv) focus much faster in good light than my X-T1 with any of my owned lens. The Nikon 1 is about the same AF speed as the Nikon D3S which is a tad slower than the 5D Mk3 and D4S.


So yeah, not the best for sports and/or fast moving subjects. It does okay with my son when he "pose" for me for half a second but not much more.


For wedding, I used to think that the Fuji X gear would be sub-par for the need, but I have been proven wrong by many of the forum regulars who are wedding shooter.

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