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Hey everyone! I´m contemplating between the X-100F and the X-T30, I know they´re very different.. But if a new X100 will come out soon it would definitely weight towards it.

Has anyone heard of an upcoming X100 model? its been a few years already since the F model !!

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X100 V?  maybe...

But why wait?  I shot with the XT1 and 2.  Waiting for the XT3.  Finally bought it!!!  Then the XH1 went on sale for 1299 with the grip and three batteries so I returned the camera I had been waiting for, the XT3, and bought the XH1.  I absolutely love and made the best single decision.  The XH1 is amazing.  So, lesson I learned:  Stop waiting.  Get what's available and use the shit out of it.


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