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QC failure in my brand new X-T3

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Hi all,

Recently I purchased a X-T3 in Hong Kong and I found a gap at the bottom of the body.

Does anyone have the same issue as mine? I sent it to CS almost two weeks before but still didn't get any response from Fuji today. I seem to lose my patience and decide to share it here. 

Honestly, I am quite disappointed about its Quality control, I wish they can do better in the future though.


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I always wait some time, when I have to buy something new appeared on the market, a camera, a computer or a car. This because the first runs can always have some problems.
About the X-T3 that's my worry: being built in China it's not the same as being built in Japan.
By a hand they have been able to keep the price low because of this, but by other hand the risks of lack of QC are surely higher.
As your camera shows.
Hope you'll solve the issue quickly.

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These are the QC issues I was worrying about and went with an X-T2 until there can be some more data. That’s unfortunate for a new camera.

I’m surprised Fuji is taking so long to respond to you. Has this been a typical case?

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