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When im recording video to an external recorder when i zoom i see some changes in exposure. Im guessing i have to set up something but i need help with this set up. Thanks

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    • By Jee
      Hi all,
      I've encountered this problem with a XF55-200 lens where one of the internal element is scratched. The scratch is only visible when you point the lens towards the light and looking through the rear element. It does not show up in the final image taken. The scratches are in a zig-zag pattern. I would like to add that the zoom ring on the lens feels a little stiff but usable. And the lens had only been used 3 times.
      My questions are, how did the scratches get there and could a stiff zoom ring caused the scratch? Hopefully, fellow fuji X user / fuji expert can help me discover the answer to this. 
    • By jlmphotos
      After months and months of being without my "don't leave home without it lens" the Fuji 18-55, and only having used primes, today I finally found a brand new one online which I just ordered!  I am so excited!  I love my primes, but the 18-55 is just so darn convenient!  Am I right?!
      I just loved my copy -- unfortunately one of my kids "borrowed" it with my X-T1 and I've yet to get it back so enough waiting...  Price was right;  Brand new US model, Bought it!
    • By HarrisDPI
      This might have been discussed already (so apologies up front) but have others found that shadow detail in the jpegs produced from the X-T2/X-Pro 2 are a lot darker compared to those from the X-T1? I have played around with the settings enough to know that its not the dynamic range at work here. The raw files are absolutely fine by the way.
      My not so great work around has been to push exposure comp by up to one full stop, put shadow detail to -2 and at times when provia just isn't working out at all, using PRO Neg. Std instead.
      Anyone else having these problems as all of this fiddling is driving me nuts (especially when my X-T1 would just nail perfect jpeg exposure every time!).
    • By Talia
      Can anyone help me understand why my jpgs of snow come out looking very pink? (Sky too for that matter.) And what I need to do to correct this problem. The pink tint is both visible in-camera and in Lightroom CC.
      I have been shooting using Auto WB. And based on the histogram, exposure is not a problem.
      I did not encounter this problem with my Fuji XT-1.
      Thank you.
    • By Snsokstan
      My X-T2 has been flawless since purchase in September 2016.   I did upgrade firmware to 1.10.
      After not using it for a month, I am now getting totally black images. The image is fine in the viewfinder with the exposure correct. A file records on the SD card, which looks to be the same byte count as usual. But the image is totally black.
      I do get an image that looks normal on the card only when I select Mechanical Shutter.  Electronic Shutter as well as ES+MS just records a black image.
      I downloaded another copy of firmware 1.10 and reflashed the camera.  No help.  I tried both user resets. 
      Finally, removing the battery for 5 minutes restored the electronic shutter mode and it seems to be working right again.
      I did speak to Fuji Support and got sent to a second level. He said this was the first such report for the X-T2.
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