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White-out EVF

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I'm experiencing a white-out every now and then in my EVF on the XT3 (as if it's an extremely overexposed image). It takes it a second or two to snap out of it. I'm trying to figure out how to consistently replicate the issue. It seems to happen after I release the back-button focus and/or the shutter button. It seems to happen while in AF-C. I'm trying to figure out if it has something to do with auto-ISO or some other setting. I'm trying to figure out if it has something to do with moving from extreme light to dark (or vice versa). Maybe it's the lens (23mm f2). Again, trying to replicate it but nothing certain yet. It happens often enough to bug me. Fuji USA repair says they've never heard of this happening and that I should send the camera in for a look. Has anyone out there experienced this?


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Had that on numerous occasions with my XT-2....but it went away....I couldn't replicate it as it always happened in the middle of a shoot.

I don't know why it stopped....as I did several firmware upgrades over time and I had various maintenance done on cameras/lenses (drops)

I'd suggest  cleaning the lens contacts on all your lenses....guessing it's a communication error?

Also, make sure "Natural Live View" is "Off" and "Preview EXP/WB IN MANUAL MODE" is activated....again thinking along the lines of a blib in communication?

Lastly I have had several experiences where my exposure comp dial was accidently stuck between C and -3...halfway between....and it caused problems and weird happenings.

Good luck...please post if you solved it (even if it's user error).



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