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35mm prime lenses

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A 23 mm will give you 35 mm full frame equivalent and Fuji make two good ones.  I have the f/1.4 version and it is a dandy lens and I  can recommend it on quality.  I use it both on my Pro and X-T.  But if I was picking a 23 mm to using only  on the Pro I would have selected the f/2 version. Here are my two reasons.  The lens is lighter and feels much more  balanced on the camera.  The lens is smaller and doesn't block as much of the optical view finder as its bigger brother.  

The one down side is that it is 1 stop slower and for me that is not a big deal.  Fuji has good high ISO features and using burst mode I can hand hold at very slow shutter speed and be assured to at least a good image.

Extra side benefits of the f/2, that may or may not be of important to you, it is not as expensive as it big brother and it is weather sealed.  

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