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Gordon Kim

Camera Image Lag in EVF

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I'm wondering if anyone has experienced something similar to what I experienced recently.  

I recently picked up the X-T3 along with the 50-140 lens (replaced my full frame Nikon gear).

To put it into context, I shoot my kids hockey games.  I noticed when tracking players on the ice, there was a periodic pause in the image in the EVF.  

Wondering if it is a setting issue on my end or if it was the norm?  The issue is if the image lags, I may miss a shot.  I'm using the same setting I use to use with my old gear - continuous AF, auto ISO (3200 max) and aperture at 2.8.  Shutter priority at 800.  

Face detection is off and have set the AF-E button as my back AF button.



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Are you using the latest firmware? Might be the back button focusing.

Your issue might be related to some issues i found on the latest firmware:
-Using back button focus the following happens:
.in af-c wide/tracking, the camera starts tracking another thing after a single shot, or at the end of a burst;
.in af-c wide/tracking, with face/eye detect, sometimes the viewfinder lags on the end of a burst.

Possibly this also happens using zone focus, haven´t tested.

Also, when using any of the zone areas, with auto or center zone area switching, the camera has a tendency to never focus on the center point.

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Thanks.  I did update to the latest firmware and only use single point focus.

It may not be a AF tracking issue.  Maybe it's just a EVF vs. the normal glass viewfinder on my old Nikon which is something I'm just going to have to get use to.

I essentially watch the game following the puck using the viewfinder and won't focus unless I think a good shot is coming.  So the lag I'm experiencing is when I'm just panning the camera following the plays.


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If "during shooting" the card may have a problem....bad cards are frequently the culprit in rare weird freezes and lockups when the camera has issues writing to the card.

So...swap cards...format cards...try a new card...etc.

Good luck...please post solution if you figure it out (even if it's user error) :-)


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