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Safety tips for X-T3 and 100-400 when using a strap

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Moving to the X-T3 and 100-400 as my main birding rig I have noticed it is far heavier than my previous solution. So far, the strap ring on the opposite side to the grip has distorted completely, twice when using my Peak Design anchors to secure the camera to my Peak Design sling (see first photo).

I haven't really used a camera/lens set up as heavy as this before and I wonder whether I should just attach the sling to a double anchor which I can attach to the tripod mount on the X-T3 vertical battery grip, or the same anchor on the lens foot or some combination of the two (see second photo for what I mean).

Does anyone have any recommendations based on their experience? I'd rather not have to switch to another strap solution but using strap connectors (or at least the triangular ones) and the strap anchor points seems to create too much stress and pulls the connector apart (to the point that I might find the whole rig crashing to the ground).

Also, are there any issues with the lens 'hanging off' the camera. Is the mount strong enough for the 100-400??

Thanks in advance for any advice.




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I would never, ever carry ANY camera attached to a lens of that size by anything but the tripod collar!!!  As should be obvious by the fact that it was way too heavy for your D-rings, you are putting way too much stress on your camera's mount.  Please, attach any strap to the lens' tripod collar/mount.  

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