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Motherboard replacement XH1

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By mistake I changed my XH1 attached to battery grip with a third party AC cable. Strange noise and camera couldn’t turn on and i sent it to Fujifilm technical service centre. Technician said grip is ok but 3 barreries were burned as well as motherboard and had to replace it. Then see if the other parts are working probably or need to change more parts! I’m so worry! Any idea? Do you think my camera will be like before this accident? Please share your experience with me. Thank you

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Hi there

changing motherboard costs me around 325$ but technician said after testing if needs maybe they have to change some other parts. I’m hoping not. 

I’m afraid after this replacement, never being the same camera as before but fujifilm assures me will be same! 

Now I'm waiting for result. 

Why it happened to yours by the way?

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Is there a connector on the mainboard that measures the temperature? the reason I ask is because my XT1 recently within a 1-2 minute of being on it gives me the "high temperature" warning. This is with minimal usage like browsing the menu or simply taking photos. I'm not doing anything intensive like shooting videos or continuous focus shots. Even in idle the camera gives the high temp warning and its not even getting warm, I'm using it in a mild environment. So I think some thermal connector may have become lose, not sure exactly. Any thoughts and anyone experienced this problem before?

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