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Wanderings with the XF10

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red00001.jpg.9fc7e3a1289b1e28aba16585965942d3.jpgred00002.jpg.7cf21863fcdd9cda7241e39100ad06db.jpgHello forum people this is my first post .  I have a X100 F and the little but big XF10 ,  I know it is not a specially loved camera but it has some punch ...Let me know what you think ,  if you consider the effort worth while.

Greetings Julio ( photos below)


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    • By julioaqua
      Hello here a couple of pics from summer in the Southern Hemisphere...February...
      A coffe in an old cinema,  now a big bookshop.

      Awareness ....

    • By julioaqua
      maybe somebody with the same cmera can help me with this matter : why the maximun size of the photos is 9 MB ?
      Stil I enjoy to have it with me ALL the time.

      Making sweets of some kind and guards in action....

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      Now a couple from today ...

    • By lapresle
      Namaste Fuji people.
      I recently tried an XPro-2 and loved it so much I bought one, sold all my Nikon equipment and bought an XT-2 and some lenses. I'm traveling India for six weeks with a backpack and small camera bag. I brought both bodies, five batteries, a bunch of cards, four lenses: 16mm f/1.4, 23mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4 and the 56mm f/1.2, a travel tripod, a MacBook Pro and two hard drives.
      I'm really happy with everything and how all the gear is performing. If anyone has any questions about how the gear is working out, please feel free to ask. I started a website for my trip, the Fuji images are under my blog and in the India image gallery. I'm only a couple of weeks in, but I've figured out my workflows and what setups I like. Thanks for letting me share.
    • By tomas
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