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Tethering to C1 V12 stopped working

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I always tethered the camera to C1 V12 with no issues, it worked fine until it didn't. All the settings are correct, USB AUTO on the tethering menu, cable is fine, (I can connect other cameras with the same cable), the Mac C1 is installed on is working fine and works fine with other cameras, but the Fuji WILL NOT connect no matter what I do. When I plug in the cable, the BUSY light goes orange and the camera essentially freezes. It will stay like this until I remove the cable and re-start the camera. As I said this worked fine for some time then it stopped. Firmware on the camera is V3.3, C1 is v12.0.2.

Ny ideas?

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12 hours ago, FX Admin said:

Version 12.0.3 was released yesterday. Perhaps give it a try...

Your bug isn't mentioned, but perhaps...

Good suggestion, did the upgrade, nothing......It's definitely the camera itself...not good considering it's only a few months old and less than 1000 frames..

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I have the same problem. I have CP 12.1 and the xpro 2 and Gfx50s both only i can change the Apeture.

Is any one having this problem? everything is uptodate.

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needed to add more info

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