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Small lenses wanted for GFX cameras besides 50/3.5

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I have told my local dealer I want the 50/3.5 once out, but I feel there still is a large gap between the current 45mm and 23mm prime lenses. Perhaps a small 30mm would be optimal since it equates to a 24mm lens on FF cameras.  I have tended to use 24mm lenses on many different systems with success including the XT-2 where the 16/1.4 was a much appreciated lens and is a 24mm FF equivalent lens.

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Hi there,

I own Fuji GFX50S and 63mm f2.8 lense. I found this combination is very good for my photography. However not for portrait, since GF 110mm f2 would be the choice. Since this lense is relatively expensive, I have tried to adopt Canon and Nikon FF lenses by Adapter. Some of wide aperture FF lenses (f1.4 - f1.8) I found work just fine in Fuji GFX and resulted in good quality and bokeh pictures and very minimal vingetting. My question is, other than Autofocus capability of the native Fuji GF lenses, what is the main difference would it make if, let say, we use native Fuji GF 110mm f2 lense compared to adapted 85mm f1.4 FF lense. Does anybody have experience or could provide answers to this. Sharing your experience and answers are highly appreciated.

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    • Did you changed the setting of connection mode to “USB tether shooting auto“ as the latest user manual?  It is supposed to be working with DJI/ZY new gimbal with USB connection.  I also planned to buy crane m2 as light weight gimbal solution for x-t3 but not tested in the cam shop yet,  Would you help to try it out? 
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