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I'm Mac "The Roadie Guy" today was a Big day. I bought my first Fujifilm camera the XT-3 and 10-24mm lens. I've downsized from the Nikon D810 and so looking forward to getting out there shooting. A new chapter in my photography life. 

Cheers Mac 

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Hey Mac,

I'm doing the same thing, moving from Nikon FX to Fuji X (and GFX if I can ever afford it). Best of luck with your journey and let me know how you get on! 





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Hi Nick 

Really sorry mate I just saw your reply. I think getting the GFX ( if you win lotto) would also be a heavy piece of kit. Which X camera did you get? Same to you enjoy the ride and happy snapping. I'm on InstaG (@the_roadieguy) and 500px (bluefishphotography).





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