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XH-1 screen and EVF flair when turning on

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Ok, I just upgraded from an XT-1 to the XH-1. Wow!

Anyway, I have noticed that the screen will go very bright (flair) when you first turn the camera on and also when you review a picture and transition back to shooting mode. It's brief but can be distracting.  Is this normal sensor behavior or a setting that needs to be adjusted? 





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I don't know if it's "normal", but my XH-1 does the same thing when I turn it on. If it puts your mind at ease, however, it does not seem to cause any problems in anything that follows.

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    • I have been a Fuji user only relatively recently.  My previous system was Canon and the weight was becoming a factor.  Sold it all and now a Fuji convert. I have tried to keep it simple and small.  XT2 AND XT3  with 16-55, 50-140 plus Samyang 8mm fisheye and 100mm macro.  Still making mistakes but hey ho  there's always the delete button. I live in Dundee,  Scotland and have settled here until my toes point to the sky.
    • pixel shift would be nice to be able to get higher resolution files but from what i've read the x-trans pixel pattern makes it harder to achieve this compared to the bayer arrangement... the GFX100 i think does have pixel shift but i'm not sure whether it's bayer or x-trans
    • That is simply not true. It makes the camera more complicated and more expensive, and the camera usually ends up being a compromise. So there's more to break, more stuff to cool (so the camera is going to be heavier than needed for photography), and more to pay. I wish Fujifilm would resist the market pressure of the Youtube generation, and focus on creating the most usable and best photo cameras possible.
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