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Live preview and ISO

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Hello there,

I bought myself a brand new X-T3 a couple months ago, my first proper camera after few point and shot.

After a thorough read of the instruction manual and some practice I still don' t get something about the lcd preview when it comes to ISO (and potentially aperture). Hopefully this is just something which can be addressed via one of the settings

Differently from a SONY rx100 mark 5 and 6 which I both tried few weeks ago when I was with a friend, I found that when you change the ISO via the dial (the point and shot Sony cameras mentioned, do that), the LCD live preview does not change accordingly (not even upon half pressing the shutter button). Same applies to the aperture, however this is something I have not seen in the Sony cameras.

The reason I am bringing this up is that I always have to check if the image is bright enough upon shooting, which of course I should do anyway, but I do not have any indication of brightness before taking the shoot, thus I have to change the ISO quite often everytime and then check.



Thanks in advance

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When you have any automatic mode on AND the automatic parameter(s) activated has/have enough leeway to attain their correct exposure, the exposure is adjusted automatically and so the image in the viewfinder and display will continue to look normal. It shows you the closest approximation it can of what is going to be recorded. When automatic exposure is on you will only get a darker or lighter display if there is no way the camera can achieve what it thinks is a correct exposure within the current limits available.

It is different if you use fully manual exposure. Then, IF you have manual display of exposure on for manual exposure, the display will darken and lighten as you change the exposure parameters (ISO, aperture and shutter speed). This is a huge benefit compared to a DSLR with an optical viewfinder, because it allows you to get the results you want directly in manual mode.

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Make sure "Natural Live View" is "Off" and "Preview EXP/WB IN MANUAL MODE" is activated.

This will give you WYSIWYG ...what you see is what you get

Good luck...please post if you solved it (even if it's user error).


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