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Weird aperture opening behavior

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I've noticed a very strange behavior that I'd like to understand (and hopefully fix)

When I have  tight apperture (e.g. f16) set, and auto SS, half-pressing the release button goes to an exposure preview. If I release the button, shutter goes back to wide open immediately in AF-C or M, but in AF-S it opens in multiple steps. This behavior is worst in low light conditions, as these steps are becoming pretty slow.

Can somebody please explain what is going on in this case?



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Some reverse-engineering and googling:
- Noise is a "feature" of 18-55
- The behavior looks like a firmware bug. Apparently, in this mode aperture is opened stop-by-stop, adjusting screen amplification on each step.

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Check your settings....

"Wrench,Pg2:"Natural Live View">Off

(If "ON" you will see the real image as if you were looking thru glass optics ie; No EVF amd no exposure(gain) adjustment)


Wrench Page 2: Preview EXP/WB>PREVIEW EXP/WB

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