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Switch slot button in Rec mode ** Firmware request**

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In Playback mode is easy switch the slot of the SD card, just press and hold the "play▶️" button.
But in recording mode, you have to go inside menu and look for the right setting (boring😖).

Why not keep the same short-cut? Even in rec mode press and hold the "play▶️" button in order to switch SD card slot?
Thank you

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    • By JamesKL
      I bought my X-Pro2 in June, 2016, and I have never updated the firmware. I want to get to the latest firmware. Is the latest version (v5.00, I believe) comprehensive, and upgrade directly to that version, or do I need to load each past firmware version in order and individually?  Thanks for any help you can offer!
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      friends, I just read on the fuji site that 4.01 is a roll back to 3.0 and now I cant shoot f-log in camera. I shoot drone in two days and I promised 4k f log to the director and dp. I don't have time to source an external 4k recorder. I could use a .dat of the 4.0 but cant find it anywhere. can someone post a copy. I just chatted with a xt2 4.0 f-log shooter on instagram and he's not having any problems - running 4.0 is a risk im willing to take. let me know if you have and can post a copy. 
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      1. Add histogram to video mode.
      2. Add mic-level preview in video mode.
      3. Customization of front dial.
      4. Faster response of sensor in EVF + eye sensor mode.
      5. Ability to wake up camera by press different button than shutter-release button (sometimes it wakes camera and also take picture immediately).
      6. Smaller horizontal line, less disturbing during shooting.
      7. More sensitive camera position sensor. Sometimes menu wont turn to portrait mode after turn camera in that angle.
      8. Ability to add vignette effect in JPG's, like grain or saturation.
      What do you think is still missing and could be added or fixed? Thanks.
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      It seems that Godox X1T-F firware is written for Windows machines.  Any one knows how or where to get this upgrade for a Mac?  Thank you!
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      Fuji has just announced its new Firmware update for X-Pro2 (ver.4.00).
      Few months ago I had a conversation with a Fuji Guy during a Tradeshow and he told me that the coming firmware update on Xpro 2 might affect compatibility with the Godox AD 200 HSS and TTL functions.
      Does someone who own an AD200 had the opportunity to test it with today XPro2 firmware update?
      I plan to buy an AD200 in the coming days and would like to be sure it will correctly work with the new Xpro2 firmware
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