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Focus Issues - coming from Nikon Gear

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Hi - I'm running into issues with focus. I think it has something to do with the way I'm thinking about it coming from Nikon, but I just can't seem to figure out what Im doing wrong. 

For example, I'm missing a lot of focus on my couples if I say things like "Walk toward me". Seems simple, and I have NO idea why this would be missing the focus. I am in AF-C. Any thoughts? Any where you've seen people really mess this up? Any input would be great!


This is my only big hangup with learning the system and it's important for my wedding photography  (obviously). I am so glad I made the switch since I love my Fuji gear, and feel silly saying that I'm missing some of the focus, but it's got to be user error....

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Yes what AF Mode are you using and where are you placing the focus point? Do you see the camera appearing to focus where you want it?

Are you using Focus Priority? Are you using face or eye detection?

Maybe post a file SOOC (without going through any software) so that we can see the problem.

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