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I'm on Adobe CC Photography program (photoshop+lightroom $10/month) and they came out with an update just before I received my pre-ordered X-T10. 


It sucks how Adobe holds you hostage when you buy a new camera, forcing you to make a big upgrade just to get camera support when they could so clearly backport the camera support only if they wanted to. IMHO it's a reason to just bite the bullet and get the CC plan because that way you don't have to think about it, but it's also pretty expensive. 


At the same time most of the competitive options are just as expensive. You pay $10/month for Capture 1 too, but that doesn't come with Photoshop!


You could always try Darktable, the open source equivalent, though I haven't used it and YMMV:


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I am using the CC Lightrooom, and only signed up to it a couple of days ago, but absolutely cannot get it to recognise my RAF files. It sounds from some of the replies above that this should not be a problem for me as I imagine what I am using is the very latest version of Lightroom. I'm also finding it very hard to find any way of contacting Adobe.


Does anyone know how to solve this please?



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Just use the Free(!!!) Adobe DNG convertor. Google is your friend.

Convert the RAW files to DNG and off you go.

My T2 isn't recognised by LR5 so this is what I do. Adds an extra step in the processing but isn't too onerous or time consuming.

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