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X-E3 vs. X-T30

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Hi all,

A little bit of background: I have a Canon 550D. I have a couple of lenses, but I basically always use the 35mm f2 since I got it, due to it´s size and versatility. I use it 95% for travelling and street photography. Basically photo, although I also like to take videos eventually (I mostly take them with a GoPro now).

Aesthetically, I like the small X-E3.
So, the question is: is still the X-E3 worthy, or would the new X-T30 be a better option?

In case of going for an X-E3: I´ve just seen a great deal (800€ for a new one with 23mm f2). Is it the price expected to go lower in March, once the X-T30 is on the market? Did that happen before on other launches, or the prices aren´t that much affected as they are for two different segments (although they are quite similar cameras)?

What are your thoughts?
Can you help me deciding?

Thank you!!

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The X-T30 is going to be faster. Better AF-C (AI Servo in Canon-speak), higher FPS, better video. 

For stills performance things are largely going to be similar in single-shot mode, you should see faster AF lockon and more usable face tracking on the X-T30, but other than than it's probably a wash. It's in video and continuous AF/Drive where the big changes between the 3rd & 4th gen bodies (X-E3 is 3rd gen, X-T30 is 4th gen)

That said, right now it's VERY hard to beat the launch packages on the X-T30 with the f2 primes (23, 35 and 50 all are offered). That's going to be the best price/performance right now. You might look for the 35/2 package if that's what you are used to shooting with your Canon. DO be aware that 35/2 on Fuji is a tad wider than 35/2 on Canon, because Canon has a higher crop factor (1.6x vs 1.5x for Fuji). 

The X-E3 will likely slowly decrease in price until the X-E4 arrives (which will almost assuredly be the same featureset as the X-T30 in the X-E body). 

It's also worth noting that despite the looks, both bodies are very close in size. The X-T30 adds the viewfinder hump, pop-up flash and a flip-out screen for a pretty small size change.

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