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MagGrip causing flash to fire?

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I don't know if anyone has experience using the magmod system but I'm experiencing a strange issue where the magnets inside the maggrip will cause the flash to trigger randomly. This doesn't happen with my YN560's or any other flashes I have.

Tapping the flash sometimes will cause it to fire as well but it's so intermittent that I can't pinpoint weather it's the magmod base or just jostling that is causing the flash to randomly fire..

I bought this flash not long ago so there's likely some warranty that exists in some form or fashion but I need to know what everyone thinks. Got a wedding coming up and I'm trying to lighten my kit down with the Godox flash and not rely on the big flashes so much.

Video for helpfulness. Apologies about video orientation! Caution, much banging of things against each other..Flash fires at about 1:00 or so:


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Sorry, I do have the Magmod but no "speedlight" type Godox flash at hand at the moment, so I can't help. But tapping it w/o the magnets seems not to cause it to fire, so I would not consider this a warranty case. 

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