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Returning to Fuji? Please help

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Greetings, i may be returning soon to Fuji from my Sony A7iii.  The Sony is an amazing camera, however the weight, size and price of the lenses make me long for my old X-T10 with its analog controls and overall lightweight system.  I am considering either the E-X3 (love the compact rangefinder style) or waiting for the upcoming X-T30.  I am  not a pro and mostly enjoy travel photography.

One feature that I really like and use permanently on the A7iii is a setting called "Auto ISO MIN SS" (minimum shutter speed with auto ISO).  When shooting in aperture-priority mode (which I do most of the time), this setting takes into account either (1) the focal length of the lens and automatically applies the reciprocal shutter speed (say 1/100 sec for a 100mm lens), or (2) a minimum shutter speed value set by the user - and then adjusts the ISO accordingly.  The setting can also be adjusted for faster or slower FL reciprocal shutter speeds as desired.  The minimum shutter speed setting is only violated after the ISO limit hits the max value set by the user and the exposure would suffer.

Perhaps Mark Galer's video can explain it much better than I can:


I'm wondering if the Fuji cameras I listed above have a similar feature.  I have seen videos where one can set a minimum shutter speed, but it appeared that this was a set value regardless of focal length or ISO cap (not 'intelligent', I guess).

Apologies for the long-winded post but this is not an easy decision for me, since the A7iii is a very powerful and capable camera and I do appreciate many of its features and overall performance,

Thank you.

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Typo - not X-T1 should be X-T10

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