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New to Fujifilm - please help :)

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Hi all,

It's great to be part of this community.

I just got my Fujifilm X-T-100 - and when I say just got it - I mean like today.

I'm also really new to photography so I was wondering if anyone can help me share some settings for this camera? I am planning to take it out for a 'spin' in a couple of days, so I would really appreciate your help here :)


Thanks a million!

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Welcome to the Fuji side :)

Take it out for a 'spin' as you say and try all of the settings until you find what works for the approaches you want to do.

Any settings suggestions I would have will only limit you, if you follow them for more than a one-or-two-time use as a quick example. If this really is your first foray into photography try some of the auto settings and look at what the camera suggests compared to what you see and go from there.

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