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I recently had some ongoing issues with my X-T3 so sent cameras back to Fujifilm. In the mean time I was lent by Cambrian Photography in Wales who I can't recommend highly enough an H1. 


H1 first impressions.

I loved the shutte release, feather light, loved the weight. feel, shutter button position, lack of light comp dial. So for other thanthe IBIS and shutter release what are peoples views on the X-T3 v H1. Forget the video as I dont use the video facility very much. 

So the question is why would I keep the X-T3s and not go for the H1

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I can't answer that.  BUT I returned my X-T3 and bought the X-H1 with the grip and two extra batteries about a month ago for 1299.  IT's AMAZING!!!

I kept my X-T2 and X-T1 but I gotta say the H1 is freakin unreal.

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