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Memory Full issue

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Strange one this.

All of a sudden my Lexar and Sandisk cards have stopped working with the XT3. When I turn the cameda on it says memory full, even though I have formatted them both on a computer and in camera. That's 5 cards, only a old PNY card works. What gets me is yesterday I had no issues, today it pops up.

I have even reset the camera to factory hoping that might clear it.

Any ideas on why this might have happened?

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What are the sizes and age of the SD cards? Have you tried updating the X-T3 to the latest firmware to see if that fixes your problem? I believe the latest firmware is v.210 (FWUP0019.dat) for the X-T3. Copy the firmware, downloaded from the Fujifilm support site, into the old PNY card that works to update the camera. Let us know if that worked for you. Good luck.

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