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X-T2 Battery Draining Overnight W/O grip

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Hi Everyone, my first post on this forum - and new to the Fuji X - and absolutely loving the system, expect for this one issue :) Here is a run down of what happened. 

  • Was out in the rain one day with the 16/1.4 WR lens - great day of shooting, got back and let the camera dry for a bit, then used a hairdryer to remove some moisture (probably unwise in retrospect) and noticed some fog/moisture inside the viewfinder, which cleared out 
  • A few hours later the shutter release button had an issue -> Half press to focus would release the shutter unpredictably (sometimes in ~.2 secs sometimes ~.5 secs later after the half press). 
  • Placed X-T2 inside zip lock bag with lots of silica gel for 24 hours or so -> this cleared up the issue with the shutter release 

A few days ago I started noticing that freshly charged OEM batteries would discharge overnight when left in the body (VPB grip not attached). Researching the forum it seems there are two known situations where a battery could potentially drain: 

  1. When a soft release trigger is installed sometimes the battery drains 
  2. With a battery grip sometimes not fully tightened 

Any thoughts on what is happening or suggestions? 



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I think 24h in silica gel is not enough, you better do it for longer time. I rmrmber this article re-posted on Fujirumors:


X-T2 has Weather Protection, and that is not Water Proofing. So now your camera sealing is working against camera not allowing moisture to go out quickly and completely.

Hairdryer most likely just heated up and re-distributed moisture inside, and after 24h moisture may still be there in significant quantity. I'd skip using batteries and continue demoisturing process.

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