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Fujifilm GFX 50R (S ?) mount adapter setting not working

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Hi guys

Not too many topics about the 50R ... hence this crossposting as I think the answer may come from here as well ...

Here we are : I need some help about the problem as exposed in the tittle :  In the GFX 50R menus (probably like in 50S' ones) , there is an option for customizing lenses from other brands one can use with an adapter ring. Same as with the X-T series.

No problem for declaring the focal lenght, works fine; the hitch is on the next lines which remain greyed out, and thus not usable (adjusting vignetting, distortion, color ...) Nice things but out of reach !

Disregarding this problem, the adapter (Fotodiox Pro) works fine with some of my old Nikkor's.

Does some one out there have an idea ?

Thanks in advance,



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Hi mdm

Thanks a lot for answering; I didnt realize that was meant for Leitz lenses with the  FUJIFILM M MOUNT ADAPTER  ! I would have been delighted with the vigneting correction option; too bad ! Anyway thank you again.


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