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Winter Landscapes

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23 hours ago, George_P said:

Do not worry Jerryy, chasing our sons keeps me warm all right. But you ought to dip your feet in some snow (nudge). I know you are the king of Fall Pictures, but the fall season is over ! This is an open topic ! 😎

I knew, I just KNEW when I posted that thought, it would come back and get me! :)

Right now, where I am at, we have more of this:



than this:



but you are right, I accept the challenge!

As soon as feasible I will out there trying to get some good ones that have snow. In the mean time I still have some more Fall Color shots :)

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More snow already this winter than in the past 20 years!  But with the steep and curvy mountain roads, we are limited to nearby walks and not so many excellent photographic opportunities, unlike your amazing mountain shots.




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2 minutes ago, jerryy said:

Blizzards to the east of me,

Snowstorms to the west,

Yet here I am stuck in the middle with rain. :)

Serves you right ! No, just joking. Stay nice and dry and look for some older ones to post. That will do nicely.

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