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Hello and Issues

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After several years of waiting, I finally pulled the trigger on an X-T2, a 16-55mm 2.8, and a 55-200mm.  I just got these today, pretty excited to get out and about.  The X-T2 feels good, takes me back to 1979, which is a bit of an indicator for age.  I have a bit of an issue, and while it does not stop me from taking some photos, it is weighing on my mind.

The issue is one of connectivity.  I cannot get connectivity between the camera and either my home internet or my phone.   I followed instructions regarding paring the phone to the camera which seemed straight forward and easy.  Enable blue tooth on my Iphone, running the latest 12.1.2, and when the camera shows up, select it.  Then open the Fuji app CamRemote, and pair phone to camera.  My phone does not pick up the camera so I cannot select the camera to begin the process.  Also, the camera will not connect to my internet, even when showing a green wireless symbol that flashes.  The process of the phone looking and not finding the camera and the camera flashing the green wireless symbol continues for a minute until it all times out and the camera shows disconnected.  I have researched all night on line and here also to no avail.  Even if I don't use it much, I want the camera to operate as it should.  I hope I don't have to send the camera back, so hoping for others who either have the same problem or others who have had the problem and have a fix. 

Thanks for having this forum, and thanks for responding.

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I have just bought an XT2 (used in mint condition FW vers 4.03) and also have connectivity issues. Direct connection to a PC via USB and WIFI does not work. I have loaded the latest version of the 'Acquire app' from the fujifilm website but the computer (Win7) does not detect the presence of the camera. I have repeated this on a laptop (Win10). This should have eliminated OS/sockets cables and plug-n-play as issues. This is most frustrating given that I have a £60 Canon Ixus which has never failed to achieve this feat.

In the case of WIFI, the camera detects the router using WPS button (manual connection with PIN does not work). However the camera cannot detect the computer. Once again I have installed the current version of PC Autosave from Fujifilms website.

My workaround, (which I suspect an awful lot of folks have resorted to ) is a card reader. Very disappointing.


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