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Dark viewfinder screen

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When using slow shutter speeds or hot shoe flash with aperture and shutter speed set but with auto sensitivity, the viewfinder is dark except for a brief moment when I press the shutter half way down. This makes it impossible to expose the photograph. The FAQ of the Fuji site tells me to switch from electronic to optical viewfinder but that is not available of the X-T2 is it.  An anybody help with a solution please?

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Go to the set-up menu (wrench icon) and then to "Screen Set-Up", then to "Preview Exp/WB in Manual Mode" and turn that setting OFF. You'll then be able to see what you're doing in the EVF/LCD. It helps to put that setting on a Function Button or into My Menu, so you can toggle it on and off easily. (I've got it near the top of My Menu.)

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