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I need advice.

I presently have an xt1 and x100s. I had an x100f, but it was stolen. However, I like my x100s better for a few reasons.

My advice is on whether I should upgrade to the newest xt3

I know there are the technical reasons, but I like the weight and feel of my xt1.

I am aware of the weight and size increases of Fuji's newest xt, and being happy with what I have, I am concerned that I will not be quite so happy with any changes.

I use the camera for travel and backcountry landscapes mostly, so weight an size do matter.

With grand children just coming in to the picture, and an increasing fondness or close-up work, I wonder if the xt3 will make me want to grab and shoot like the xt1 and x100s have.

My lenses for the xt1 are limited to the 35 F2, 16-55, and 18-135 zooms, but I'm going back to more primes, which I prefer. I am planning on selling both zooms strictly because of the size and weight. 

I have gotten some terrific shots with the 18-135 in my travels, however.

I realize I am somewhat rambling with my thoughts, but advice and counsel would surely be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I had the same concern when I upgraded from the X-T1 to the X-T2, but now that I have both I don't notice any size and weight difference. If I compared side by side and hold both I may feel it, but in practical use I don't notice any difference. 

What I do notice is that the X-T2 is much faster in operation. I have mine sent in for warranty service right now so I'm using my X-T1 and I miss things I had taken for granted after almost exclusively using the X-T2. Things like the live histogram, being able to easily show histogram when reviewing images without having to switch view mode, more extensive bracketing, the focus joystick freeing up the directional pad for function buttons. The list is long. It's also much faster in doing everything.

I have also found that I can use slightly slower shutter speeds with non-stabilized lenses so the shutter shock has to be less on the X-T2. Focus performance is not even comparable. I also find the grip to be better on the X-T2. Dials easier to grip too. I don't miss the hold to turn style of lock used on the ISO dial on the X-T1.

The X-T3 is basically an even better X-T2 so it's a huge upgrade from the X-T1. Also, the added resolution is a huge bonus for close-up if you want to crop to get even closer. I certainly notice the difference between my X-T1 and X-T2. 

I don't think you will have any issues with weight and feel. The slightly larger body is as I said hardly noticable to me, and the huge improvements in other areas more than make up for it. I think the X-T3 may make you want to go out and shoot even more than the X-T1 did. It still has the same great and fun feel even though it's a little different. They didn't ruin the magic of the X-T1 with the X-T2 at least. They just augmented the fun.

I think the only question is if you feel it's worth the money. Of course this is only my experience. The best thing would be to check one out in a store, but I know that may not be an option. It certainly wasn't for me as no stores here sell Fujifilm X cameras (plenty of Instax though).

I'd be happy to answer any further questions. Even though I haven't used the X-T3 it's more or less identical to the X-T2 except for the sensor and software features. 

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Thank you ErikN.

That is the kind of advice and knowledge I need to help me make a decision.

I don't have a store close so as to compare first hand, but it seems a wise decision to to go ahead with the XT3.

I deal mostly with Adorama, and they are great for allowing time to see if a purchase is what I was expecting.

I guess it is time to consider which prime is next on my list.

Thanks again

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Well, I was getting ready to pull the trigger on the XT3 when I found that it is manufactured in China.

I don't see the logic (other than profit) for Fuji taking it's flagship model to China when the previous XT's and 100's are made in Japan.

That was a selling point for me switching to Fuji in the first place!

I had a hard enough time accepting that my 18-135 was manufactured in China, and I make sure any primes I buy now are from Japan.

This may be moot to some, but it is a deal breaker for me.

I guess it will be the XT2 for me now.

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This is my biggest concern as well for jumping in to the Fuji system.


Coming from Canon where my better equipment was made domestically in Japan, and even my light gear was Taiwan, I worry joining Fuji with a camera and/or lenses made in China would leave a bad impression. Specifically if there are QC issues, or corners cut, etc. I feel I wouldn’t be getting that Fuji experience that everyone is in love with.


I’m sure there’s no basis for this as Fuji is supplying the parts and pieces so I feel a bit silly but it’s the reason I decided to purchase an X-T2 instead of a 3. The 18-55 lens it is coming with is made in Japan and so is the 35mm f/2 I ordered.


Did you end up purchasing the X-T2? Do you feel like you’d have been okay with the X-T3 in hindsight? Any thoughts to share on real or perceived quality differences now that it’s been a bit?

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