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Unable to get front command dial to change aperture


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I wonder whether anyone else has had this problem (I know someone else has - from a post on the X-T3 FB group.

I just cannot persuade the front command dial to adjust the aperture! Tried using the 18-55 and the 80mm.

And yes: it's set to Aperture Priority (lens not set to A; shutter knob set to A; ISO set to...well, any setting other than A). EVF confirms I'm in Aperture Priority. And if I set EC to C and press in the front command, the dial does adjust EC.

So it seems it's just the aperture adjustment I can't get to work.


And yes: in Menu, I went to wrench/spanner, selected Button/Dial Setting/Command Dial Setting, and set "1" (F) to Aperture.

Any suggestions? Of course I can change aperture on the lens, but the front command dial SHOULD work (shouldn't it?), and it would be handy if it did...

Thanks for any comments!


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Thanks Greybeard. I hadn't realised that the front command dial managed the aperture setting with lens setting set to A, and I hadn't realised that it was necessary to set TWO different settings in the Button/Dial menu (Command Dial Setting AND Aperture Ring Setting).

Got it now. Thanks for your help.

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FYI: The front command dial has a "button" function in which PRESSING DOWN on the front command dial changes it's function from one "option" to the other (as selected from the menu)...it has caused me confusion in the past, so I'm sure as well for others. :rolleyes:

I use the front command dial for exposure compensation only (top dial set to C).

My front dial does "exposure compensation" ONLY (via auto ISO), and nothing else, and where "pressing in on the dial" either turns on the function (Exp Comp) or nothing at all (prevents accidental changes).


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Hi everyone! I have the same problem as Heather with my xe3 but Unfortunately I have no setting named  “aperture ring setting” in the menu but just “aperture setting” 😔 I don’t know why, can you help me please?

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4 hours ago, groovy dude said:

Yes, BRILLIANT design. Set the lens to "A" to be able to adjust the aperture MANUALLY. Sigh.


The "A" stands for auto -- as in the camera body controls the aperture setting. Some lenses have a switch with the "A" and another small symbol that stands for manual control using the aperture ring. Other lenses just have the "A" and then the f-stops on the ring but the "A" still stands for auto.

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I had the same problem with the 18-55 Fujifilm lense and got around it by assigning the aperature to the rear command dial (4) and the shutter speed to the front command dial (1) in Wrench/Button.Dial Setting/Command Dial setting. (As well as setting all the physical dials to A and setting the Aperature Ring Setting to COMMAND. )

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