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XH1 battery grip showing empty battery icon

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Good day x users.. 

The left side battery in my XH1 battery grip shows an empty red icon on my camera knowing that my batteries are fully charged. 

I have reattached and cleaned the connectors of the grip and reset all the settings in my camera, and still the L side battery is showing empty an empty icon. I have had re installed v 1.2 firmware update considering if it may affect the empty battery. I have tried swapping the batteries but none of these are helping. All batteries that I'm using are original fujifilm batteries. 

Any idea what could this be?

Thank you

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    • By tractorboyx
      Hi all
      could anybody please tell me if the arca-swiss universal l-bracket will fit the  XH1 without obstructing the battery cover.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By willemvrey
      The CH burst shooting speed on my XH1 seems to be way slower than it should be on the mechanical shutter. 
      I've never really used continuous shooting before, but I need it now for a specific project.
      As far as i can tell from timing it with a stopwatch, I'm getting between 5 and 6 fps with the drive dial set to CH. 
      I have it set to 11fps in the shooting menu.
      Battery grip attached with fully charged batteries, set to "boost". No difference between having the grip on or not. 
      I'm getting the same speed whether shooting raw or small JPEGs. It's much faster (around 11 fps) with the electronic shutter, but I can't use that for this project because of the (artificial) lighting conditions. 
      I remember my old Xt2 being much faster than this camera. 
      Am I missing a setting somewhere? 
    • By Elly3
      In 2 weeks time and not in use, the battery in my XT3 is only 58% full. Camera stored with 18-55mm lens
    • By WillsM
      Hey guys / gals,
      First post on here.
      I've had an x-h1 for a couple of years and it has been an amazing camera.
      I recently started using its video functions, specifically the high speed 120fps functionality. Blown away by its crisp video.
      So I decided I wanted an external monitor, to make things a bit easier. I got hold hold of a smallHD focus 5" monitor, runs off the HDMI output and has its own power source.
      So everything was okay. The monitor is great. I have found a really odd bug though and I am wondering if anyone else might have come across this and has any thoughts / solutions.
      High speed shooting has  number of different modes, some at 120p, some at 100p. When I connect the monitor and select "EVF" only view using the display button on the right side of the viewfinder, then start recording at a mode which uses 120p, after about 9 - 20 seconds I get an error thrown in the display screen, showing "write error".
      So if I connect a different monitor through the hdmi out, the problem is still there, so i know it is not the monitor that is the issue.
      If I do not connect the external monitor, the problem never occurs.
      I have raised a support ticket with fujifim, and they are looking into it, however I was wondering if anyone else has experienced issues like this? I am using 2 UHS 3 sony memory cards, brand new. Also have swapped them around in the slots. Run a health check on them also. I do not believe it to be a memory card issue at this time.
      What is strange is that there seem to be 3 variables at play:
      1. The output 120/100p in the high speed recording mode
      2. The display mode being set to "EVF only".
      3. An external monitor being plugged in
      The reason I am setting the mode to EVF only, is to stop the camera from outputting the live picture to the LCD screen when I am filming. I am doing this to conserve battery life on the camera.
      So it would seem that "EVF" mode + 120fps + an external montior = write error to the SD card. When the error occurs, the recording quits and this keeps happening unless I switch the mode to use the LCD screen OR i switch the mode to 100p OR i disconnect the external monitor! Bonkers right?!?!?!?!
      Anyone had similar issues? Could it be the write speed on my SD cards? I am using sony M UHS 3 write speed 100MB/s, so can't see them underperfoming!
      HELP!! I's doing my head in!
    • By lifewithlouis
      Love Child⁠⁠
      Toronto, Pride Parade 2019
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