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X-T3 question about auto power off

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Is the battery consumption after an auto power off equivalent to turning off the on-off switch?

One of the very few things I dislike about my X-Pro2 and X-T3 is how easy it is to accidentally hit the power switch and turn the camera on. This can be especially frustrating when I’m stowing my camera in the camera bag and accidentally turn it on. I’ve got automatic power off setting at 2 minutes. When the camera goes into auto power off mode is this equivalent to turning off the power button? Put another way, when in auto power off mode, is there any drain on the battery?

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Without having scientifically testing this, I would guess no. There is drain on the battery in standby mode. In standby the camera is ready to operate at a click. Shut down it should not drain battery. Hope this helps.

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