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Blinking orange indicator--won't take photo


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I'm not a tech expert, but these are the things I would try. (In fact you've probably already tried some of them, but here goes anyway.) First, I'd gently clean the contacts on the SD card, and also use a bulb blower or similar to clear any possible obstructions from the card slot. If you've got another SD card, maybe try that in case it was a card fault. (Some people have reported problems with certain brands of card: SanDisk are what Fuji recommends - and it should of course be UHS I (not II).) For good measure I'd also clean the battery contacts and make sure the battery compartment is clean.

Another possibility is that the camera is getting itself in a twist if too many things are set to auto. (It shouldn't happen, but sometimes it does!) So I'd try a fully manual setting: for the sake of argument, ISO 200, aperture f8, shutter 1/125, Dynamic Range 100, and put the drive dial on S - single shot. If that works, then the problem may just have been a passing glitch.

If none of the above works, then it may be time to get Fuji or a professional repairer take a look. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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    • That seemed to do the trick.  Any idea why that was the fix? I think some of the issues on most of these may be tied to the matching Jpeg being an Acros film simulation.  That still seems to be confusing ON1 as the colors occasionally is messed up unless I set the Jpeg and Raw to be treated separately.  Perhaps its a coincidence . 
    • Hmmm. Thanks for getting back. Next thing to try.  Quit ON1 Create a temp folder Use Finder (on Mac) or Explorer (Windows) to copy the image files that have the problem, to the temp folder Start ON1 and browse the copied files IF they wok, then from inside ON1, drag them to their original location and when prompted, select Replace Report back!
    • Hello evryone. Just this i ask my self last 48 hours. For example: my question are? Tracking are think tò use for muve subject. Ok But when i shot my be at 360 shutter Speed i see face subject focus and other in muvment. I m sure if i shot in AFS or AFC the picture Will be more Better. Zona or point Notting change to much. So when i Need use tracking?  I have think the Only situation can use Is when you not can muve the camera. Or when you want take a picture of a background and subject muve.  Becouse if i shot in AFS or AFC the photo look Better ...  What you think about? Thank you
    • Ok great. I’ll try the built in flash to ensure I’m on the right path then look to invest in an external flash.  I’ve heard about Godox so I’ll do some further research.  
    • Some images that have both a blank preview and also blank on edit had an on1 file but deleting it made no difference on some, on others the preview was still blank but a blurry image did appear when in edit mode.  Other blank ones had no corresponding file. I did notice in ON1 the "bad" files had partially blank EXIF info.  Also I would swear which are blank changes at times.  
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