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Blinking orange indicator--won't take photo


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I'm not a tech expert, but these are the things I would try. (In fact you've probably already tried some of them, but here goes anyway.) First, I'd gently clean the contacts on the SD card, and also use a bulb blower or similar to clear any possible obstructions from the card slot. If you've got another SD card, maybe try that in case it was a card fault. (Some people have reported problems with certain brands of card: SanDisk are what Fuji recommends - and it should of course be UHS I (not II).) For good measure I'd also clean the battery contacts and make sure the battery compartment is clean.

Another possibility is that the camera is getting itself in a twist if too many things are set to auto. (It shouldn't happen, but sometimes it does!) So I'd try a fully manual setting: for the sake of argument, ISO 200, aperture f8, shutter 1/125, Dynamic Range 100, and put the drive dial on S - single shot. If that works, then the problem may just have been a passing glitch.

If none of the above works, then it may be time to get Fuji or a professional repairer take a look. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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