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Adam Woodhouse

How to get Fuji Colour Profile in Luminar 2018?

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I just purchased Luminar 2018 and looking forward to the Dec 2018 release of their cataloging tool.

When I open a Fuji XT2 raw file, under LUT's there are no Fuji profiles.  I contacted their support and they said 'you have to load LUTs to see them in the list'.  Fair enough.  Problem is when I go to Skylums website there are no Fuji LUT's to download on their LUT's download page.  I thought the offered Fuji colour profiles?  Maybe I am confusing techniques and terminology?  Where would I get the proper Fuji LUT's if that is what I am to use?  Fuji website only has one LUT and that is for F-Log video.


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