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    • Thanks for your telling your story. I’m another newbie to Fuji. Until the Nikon z50 came out I was confirmed Nikon fan boy. I was in the market for a mid range mirror less. The Z50 is a disaster, old  low res sensor, heavy, large expensive lenses, or an adapter. What a disappointment.    Years ago I had a cheap, Fuji compact. It punched way above its weight., (E550) and in truth produced better pictures than my first Nikon SLR.  So I was already pre disposed to buy Fuji.    im a vi
    • Well, you were right, I did not know that.
    • I just tested mine now and didn't notice it.  Will keep an eye out.  Very happy with it so far, eye af is very good compared to the F.  New lens is a big improvement as I like to shoot close up at f2.  
    • Not sure what went wrong for you. I have an X-T3 and do not have any real exposure problems. The XT-30 is smaller and lighter but the X-t3 is, as you say, weather resistent and has a much better viewfinder. I would say plump for the X-T3 if you can get one within your budget.
    • I used to do a fair bit of sailing many years ago, often with sailors from Austria. I had a skipper license, owned a part of a boat etc. The legend had it that two Austrian sailors, "world-famous" as my Austrian friends would describe them, who sailed all over the world and wrote a book about their ventures, after visiting their next port of destination and spending time in the port and in the city, would meticulously record the B/F factor into the nautical charts, with the purpose for the other
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