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X-T20 – Stuck on Transfer Screen?


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I just got this camera last week through Rand's Camera on Amazon (not sure if anyone has used or heard of them before). I'm still weighing whether or not I should try and return/exchange the camera, as he came with a slightly damaged box, the manual sitting between the outer folds of the box, and little peculiar things like the metal rings for the strap already being attached to the camera. I've started a dialogue with Amazon over this, as it was sold new but appears to have been at least somewhat handled already.

So, I'm keeping an eye on its behavior to see if I notice anything weird and I've run into my first hitch. When transferring photos from the camera to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+), the transfer will sometimes stall but still appear as though it's trying to process photos on my phone. I can cancel in the app on my phone and quit the app itself, but I can't back out of the transfer screen on my camera at all. I'm attaching a screenshot of what I see.

The only way I've been able to get around this is to remove the battery and put it back in. Turning the camera off and on again does not cancel the transfer.

Has anyone else run into this? Is this a known or common issue, or should I be leaning on the side of returning this camera and purchasing from another seller?



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    • I don’t have it as I went for the literal bag of primes (16, 23, 35 & 50) but the XF 16-55 f2.8 is well regarded as a “bagful of primes”. 16mm is a 24mm equivalent on the wide end and 55mm is close to an 85mm equivalent. F2.8 gives a good level subject separation/bokeh. Not small or light but plenty of folks sing it’s praises. Dave
    • Not really, unless you want to limit yourself a lot on the image quality. For portraits I would recommend at least an 85mm F/1.4 lens. For landscape photography it depends on whether you want to make panoramas and then the question is which focal length or image effect you want to achieve. There is a lack of more precise information on your part.
    • Does the aperture ring have whole, half or a third gradations?
    • Hi When I was researching impressions of the new Fujinon XF 23mm f/1.4 R LM WR and how it pairs with different bodies I found very little info and/or images of the lens together with an X-E4 body. I therefore figured I should make a post about it so other people researching the same thing can find these picture and info. I have attached some pictures showcasing the lens on my X-E4 body. One very interesting/sad thing to note is that if the aperture ring is left at the 1.4 mark the auto lock knob/button will actually touch the flat surface on which the camera is placed which is not ideal. This is however not an issue when having the lens hood mounted, if a Peak Design style screw mount is attached or if moving the aperture ring to the 2.0 mark. All these pictures are taken with my phone so they are not really of stellar quality but are probably useful anyway  My overall impression of the lens thus far is really good, it produces very sharp images even fully open. It balances quite well with the X-E4; when actually shooting it feels really good but when carrying it around it is a bit front heavy. I found that there is a dramatic change in carrying comfort if the strap is mounted on the body in a diagonal fashion so to speak, i.e. with one anchor at either side of the body and one at the bottom screw mount. Using this configuration really offsets the balance point when carrying your camera diagonally, sling style.   Also, this is my first post at the forum so ... Hi all  
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