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Firmware: FUJIFILM X-T3 Ver. 2.00 in December 2018

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1. 4K HDR video recording in Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)
Supports 4K HDR video recording in the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), one of the formats defined in the ITU-R BT.2100 international standards *. It allows the capture of rich and realistic images in a scene where there is a huge gap between highlight and shadow, or subjects with high color saturation.
* Only compatible with H.265(HEVC). Please enjoy with television or display compatible with HLG formats.

2. Simultaneous output of Film Simulation and F-Log footage **
Supports simultaneous output of Film Simulation and F-Log footage. It allows you to record in F-Log while checking Film Simulation image on an external monitor.
** Not compatible with 59.94P/50P, FHD high speed rec., 4K interframe NR, and HDMI output info display mode.
Also, cannot choose different image size (4K/FHD) for HDMI output and internal SD card recording.

3. Recording over 4GB movie file as one file
Movie files are no longer split when the file reaches 4GB file size. The file is recorded as one file providing an SD memory card greater than 32GB is used (excludes 32GB) ***.
*** By using SD memory cards less than or equal to 32GB, movie recording will continue without 
interruption when the file size reaches 4GB, however subsequent footage will be recorded to a separate file.

4. Display color temperature (Kelvin) on EVF/LCD
Color temperature (Kelvin) can be displayed on EVF/LCD.

5. Supports slower shutter speeds with DCI4K/4K 29.97P/25P/24P/23.98P *4
Slower shutter speeds than the framerate can be selected with 4K 29.97P/25P/24P/23.98P.
*4 Cannot select slower shutter speed than framerate with DCI/4K 59.94P/50P or LongGOP recording.

6. Compatible with ALL-Intra and maximum bitrate 400Mbps with H.264
Using H.264 compression, you will now to be able to select ALL-Intra at a maximum bitrate of 400Mbps.

7. Display power supply icon
Power supply icon is displayed on EVF/LCD while using AC adapter (AC-9VS), or Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD *5 and Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD *6
*5Anker and PowerCore are trademark or registered trademark of Anker Innovations Limited or associated companies.
*6Product may not be available on your country.

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I updated my XT3 to the 2.0 firmware but it still splits my video files in 4gb files.

I use 64gb sandisk extreme cards.

Is there any setting that I need to change in the menu in order to avoid 4gb split?

What am I doing wrong? 


Thank you 

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Oh wow, I answered the question myself:

"* Regarding the new function "Recording over 4GB movie file as one file" which was planned to add to the firmware Ver.2.00, we will announce the schedule to release the firmware with the function in January 2019.

from Fujifilm website.


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Has anyone experienced an issue after upgrading to Firmware 2.10 with the camera shutting down due to a flashing red battery issue while recording video?

I’m still troubleshooting this, and so far it appears to happen on HD and 4K after a few seconds to a few minutes, and I’m testing with OEM and third-party batteries. I did not have this issue before the update.

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