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what do you define with the term “ defined”, you may want to say “ confined” ( forse Lei vuol dire “ Limitato " in Italiano?)


I don’t feel confined at all, but obviously you won’t be as quick as with autofocus.


I don’t use the split image but simply use the focus assist (which, by now, you realize it enlarges the area indicated by the rectangle) .


I have a number of non autofocus lenses which can be used only this way and Ive shot lots of pictures this way and shooting none of them made me feel any more confined ghan I have ever felt with any manual focus lens. 


You do need excellent eyesight to be able to focus ( you are looking at a high resolution screen, but still it is a screen). If you are using that king of sensitivity 3200 ISO you will have lots of noise on the screen and unless you really need to that would confuse your focussing.

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