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XT-2 with Godox XProF problem

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I have a Godox XProF transmitter but no Godox lights yet. When I connect my XProF to my X-T2 (both on latest software releases) the X-T2 recognises a "flashgun" has been connected but the flash menu refuses to switch into Manual. I can select M using the rear dial but it immediately switches itself back into TTL.

Is this correct? Will it only work in TTL mode as I would like to have full manual control of my lights?

Do you think I am doing something wrong?

BTW this happens when there is no receiver active and also when I have a Godox X1RC receiver switched on, which disappointingly will only change the zoom function on my Pixel 800C (Canon compatible) flashgun, not the power levels or mode. Also the Pixel is not actually working in TTL despite the camera saying so, I have to set the power levels manually in the Pixel.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you






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You can't change flash settings from the camera. You change flash mode on the trigger and the flash will use that mode, assuming that you are using a flash with TTL capabilities.

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Has this been resolved? Firmware update? I ask because it seems like there is a very slight delay in the shutter release when using the XPro F causing me to miss shots at their peak moment. I think it is because of the camera looking for the TTL preflash. All of my settings are on manual (aperture/shutter/iso), mechanical shutter, and flashes set on manual through the XPro F trigger (AD200 & TT685 F). The same happens if I use the TT685 F as the trigger for the AD200.

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Thank you, Ian. My flashes work and everything, but I have that slightly delay when I press the shutter button using the system I described. It is very slight, but noticeable. From another forum it sounds like I'm stuck with the problem.

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