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Can anyone confirm whether the X-T3 battery grip works correctly or not?

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Specifically, I'm referring to the issue with the X-T2 where the batteries in the grip intermittently display as fully depleted when they're not. Lots of people are having this problem (including me). See link below for a thread on this forum on the issue with the X-T2 battery grip.

I'm hoping others who have the X-T3 can share whether they're seeing this issue or not. Even though the camera is new, anyone using the grip regularly will know whether or not this defect is still there. I bought my X-T2 and battery grip two years ago and it exhibited this behavior from the outset. 

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I had the problem of one of the three fujifilm batteries was reporting as a non  Fujifilm battery. I shuffled the batteries but still reporting as a non Fujifilm battery! I reseated the grip to the camera and that fixed the problem. Not sure what was going on!! 


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