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careful with XT3 sports mode files + capture one

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I shot a series of portraits and for a few I accidentally activated sports mode.

Not sure how, either it was a bug or possibly the touch screen...

Anyway the created files (Raw M) are magenta when opened in Capture One

and even in Black and White fully zoomed in there are very fine horizontal lines

Capture One 11.3 Fuji XT3 and RawM files (via SportsMode)

It is likely to be the same if medium Raws are selected directly (not forced by the Sports mode)

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 23.32.56 copy.jpg

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I had the same issue. This is the response I received from Capture 1:  


Hi Jose,

You are doing nothing wrong, as this is unfortunately a software bug. Happens when shooting in cropped sensor sports mode, or using the ES high shutter modes. Regular RAW should not happen on.

We apologize for any major inconvenience, and should have this fixed very soon in a future release of Capture One.

Kind regards,

Phase One Technical Support"

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