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Portrait captured with the XF90

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I'm playing a bit with the XF90mm since a few days and I have to say that the lens is the best in Fuji's lineup and probably my favorite so far.

Sharpness, colors, bookeh, contrast, ... I'm speechless.

You can find a full size JPG file here: http://j.mp/1H9gVCn

Taken outdoors with one flash @ f/2, ISO 200, 1/180s


I didn't tweak the sharpness at all. I only converted it to B&W and added the frame in Photoshop. The color profile used in LR to develop it is Provia.


Full review coming soon...

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I just received my copy of the 90mm F2 also and had a quick question if anyone can answer it.  If the lens is turned off it makes a 

rattling noise on the inside.  When the camera is turned on and the lens is ready to shoot the noise stops.  I wanted to see if this had 

anything to do with 4 magnets on the inside of the lens powering the lens motor.  I have not seen or read anything about this yet.

I also called the Fuji  USA helpline but they did not even have a copy of the lens to verify this.  

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Just to clarify what was done: I didn't sharpened the image nor did I tweak noise reduction. Opened it in lightroom, used the Provia color profile, cropped it slightly, sent the picture to Photoshop, converted it to black and white, added the white frame. Then I saved the file using JPG (12, maximum). Done. Nothing esle.

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Yes this is normal and is due to the lens motor. The 55-140 does the same. I felt like you initially and discussed the issue with Fujifilm France.

Nevertheless the feeling when handling the lens is weird :) and frightening at first.

is that what Fuji told you? the 50-140 does this due to the OIS mechanism similar to some OIS lenses from CaNikon.


(Sent from another Galaxy)

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